You have questions...I have answers


How many photos do we get?  Each wedding is different, but I typically deliver an average of 75 images per hour of coverage. Example: 8 hours of coverage would get you approximately 600 images.

What do I need to do to book my date?  If you haven’t already, please go to my contact page and fill out the form so I have all your info. From there, I will set up a phone call or we’ll meet in person so that we can connect, talk about your wedding, how I work, and all the business stuff. Then to book your date, I require a 40% retainer and a signed contract (we can do all of this online!). The remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding.

When do we get our photos? Within six weeks of your wedding day!

How do you deliver your photos? I deliver photos through an online gallery.  It. Looks. AWESOME. All your photos are fully edited, downloadable, and printable high-resolution images.

Do we get edited photos? Yes!  Every image that I deliver is hand-edited and consistent with the work you see in my portfolio.

Do you take wedding day family group portraits?  Absolutely! These often get looked over, but these photos often become important family records that will be cherished for generations.

We love your portraits, but we want to make sure that our party is documented too.  Great! I’m all about the party! I think that many photographers, myself included, tend to show off our emotional, moody, and romantic stuff. But know that the reception and dancing is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day to photograph! The dance floor gives me an opportunity to play with lights and create cool otherworldly effects that are totally different from the rest of your day. Plus, the music is awesome and I love to watch my couples let loose and have a blast with their friends and family!

What kind of gear do you use?  Oh you wanna talk gear!?  Hope you have a couple hours to spare! :)  But the TLDR - I shoot with Nikon D750’s + Nikon and Sigma prime lenses. I also LOVE Fuji mirror-less cameras and occasionally bust them out on wedding days as well. I can talk about gear all day, so if you have more questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Can I have or see all of the unedited images from my wedding?  No, and believe me, you don’t want to. I give you everything you’ll love and trash all the double chins and weird faces.

I am uncomfortable in front of the camera; is there any hope for me?  You. Are. Going. To. Kill. It. Seriously, every image that you see on my website is of a real couple. None of it was styled—they were engagement sessions and weddings just like yours. These couples were also nervous and uncomfortable and afraid of how they would look. My shooting style is designed to make you comfortable, get you interacting with your boo, and forget that I’m even there. No one has EVER come away from a session with me and not had a good time.  

Do I need to give you a shot list?  Nope, I cover all of the bases without needing a shot list.  If there is anything that is particularly meaningful to you that you don’t want to be missed, by all means, let me know! I want to make sure that you are completely happy, but also know that you can trust me to get the important (and not so important) stuff!