7 Days In California - San Francisco, Big Sur, Yosemite - Travel Photography


For as long as I can remember I've wanted to jump in a car and drive west. Start in Texas, end up somewhere in California, and see all the wonder that lies between. I wish I'd done more of that when I was younger. Before kids, bills, and responsibility. But when it came time to plan a vacation with my fiance, we traded the car for a plane and all the wonder between for the wonder of California. We jumped on a plane in Austin, jumped off in San Francisco, and spent a week playing in San Fran, Big Sur, and Yosemite.

Transitioning from hot Texas spring days to the cool California temps was amazing. I'm a sucker for cold rainy days, and Cali did not disappoint. There's something magic about hiking out to a lighthouse or getting lost on a secluded Big Sur beach in the rain. Both of those are experiences that I won't soon forget. The same goes for the sound of Humpback whales in Monterey Bay. I have photos and videos, but nothing can replicate what it is like to be surrounded by the sounds of those magnificent creatures. Watching the sunrise over Yosemite, and finally seeing waterfall rainbows are also stored away in my brain for safekeeping.

I hope that y'all enjoy the hodgepodge of photos. It's so nice to occasionally get away from the demands of wedding photography (though I DO love it) and shoot for nobody but myself. It's nice to take that step back and remember where it all started.


A little technical info for the photographers - Almost everything here is shot on the Fuji X100F, though there are a few from my Nikon D750. I don't use them for my wedding or portrait work, but I absolutely LOVE the Fuji X system. I take most all my personal photos on a X100S, and decided to rent the F to test it on this trip. It did not disappoint. The small form factor, amazing image quality, and pure joy of use make this thing the perfect travel camera. It really is a magical little camera!


Thank you so much for taking the time to look!  If you are interested in finding more about me or my work, please take a look at my about page, and don't hesitate to reach out and contact me!