Catherine and Taylor Engagement | Bastrop, TX | Austin Wedding Photographer

Ever since I first visited Bastrop State Park, I've wanted to find a couple willing to shoot there.  So naturally I was excited that Catherine and Taylor were totally down, and trusted in my vision .  The park is quite unique, as most of it was destroyed by the massive wildfire in 2011.  There is still the charred landscape  as far as the eye can see in areas, but it's mixed in with the contrast of new growth, in addition to patches of the piney woods that were somehow untouched.  I met Catherine and Taylor at the park entrance, and as we made our way to a starting point for the shoot, the skies opened.  I mean a total downpour that didn't seem to have any intention of letting up.  So we changed plans and made or way into downtown Bastrop to find some areas of cover where we could shoot.  It worked out beautifully, and after about 45 minutes the rain subsided and we were still able to get back to the park to finish the shoot.  So the photos from this shoot have about as much contract as the park landscape...and just beautiful.