This is me...


For years, I was the nerd who took his camera EVERYWHERE...

I was obsessed. And the first place I learned the art of making photographs was in a cemetery. Not creepy at all and super romantic, right? But hear me out—it’s where I learned almost everything I know.

I learned lines, composition, the rule of thirds, and most importantly, light. Statues and stones don’t move. Only the light moves. So I would go back to the same places over and over, studying how the light changed and how photos of the same subject could look different depending on where me and the sun stood.


From cemeteries to...WEDDINGS?



I shot my very first wedding in 2014. I was borrowing someone else’s gear and felt like a total newb. It was a lot of responsibility for someone who hadn’t done this before, and I won’t lie: I was feeling overwhelmed. But there was this moment. This 60-second interaction that hooked me.

The bride’s grandmother pulled her into a giant hug, and whispered something about how her father would have been so proud. And I was right there, not just permitted to witness this, but invited into it. It felt significant and powerful. All I ever wanted was to make images that were true and meaningful. I had no idea that weddings would be the outlet that gave me that opportunity.


Since then, I’ve shot more than 50 weddings. And I can honestly say that I have poured myself into each and every one. I’ve learned so much about not just the process of a wedding day, but about people themselves.



I LOVE capturing the human spirit, the human condition, and above all else, CONNECTION.

I love working with couples who are willing to be vulnerable with me—who allow themselves to get wrapped up in a moment, not caring there is a photographer present. If you want that too, those "I'm-so-in-love-I-barely-noticed-you-taking-photos” kind of images, let's chat.

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austin urban wedding

I knew Donny was the one as much as I knew my now husband is the one! He captured our day perfectly and ALL of our guests had nothing, but great things to say about him throughout the day and evening.” - Jessica D.

downtown san antonio wedding

“We were so happy we worked with Donny for our wedding! My husband and I are both camera shy, but we felt so comfortable with Donny; like he was just another friend at our wedding. He captured amazing, timeless images, and we plan on working with him again in the future! Thank you, Donny!” - Lacey V.

casa rio de colores wedding photography

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this man and his talent. Donny was the best thing to happen to us during the wedding process.” The day of our wedding, he showed up super early and did an amazing job keeping me calm and collected during some changes due to unpredictable weather that made the aesthetic of our ceremony very different. He coordinated with my other vendors and crazy family beautifully. He did such a great job, my sister in law hired him for her wedding 4 months later!”- Jennifer H



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